VM backup with QNAP and Synology tools best practice – part 1

I show you my best practice rules how to establish am VM backup with onboard QNAP and Synology tools. Working with VM creates the need for a good backup solution. First of all it is always a good idea to work with a NFS storage for your VMs, that makes you independent from your hypervisor hardware. When you are working with NFS based on QNAP and Synology then you already have a free and backup solution. The using both of them is creating almost perfect backup solution for free for your business.

In this part I show a fast and easy backup solution using QNAP and Synology

We are creating a backup environment that is specifically designed to protect an active infrastructure from hackers (physical access), ransomware (software access), disasters (fire and other disasters).

  • Part 2 – Hyper Data Protector (QNAP) ENGLISH / GERMAN
  • Part 3- Active Backup for Business (Synology) ENGLISH / GERMAN

Backup with QNAP and Synology tools best practice

There are 3 perfect and free (when you already have QNAP and Synology) tools for you:

  • Primary backup with Synology Active Backup Business
  • Secondary backup with Hyper Data Protector from QNAP
  • Third tier backup or time based file sync with QNAP HS3 or Synology Hyper Backup (depends on your NFS-storage)
backup with QNAP and Synology tools best practice

The primary objective: Make automatic backup to different locations with multiple hypervisors and about 50 virtual machines stored on a NFS from QNAP. The hypervisors are only for computing the storage is NFS based. To make it harder you are dealing with 3 different locations connected with a 1G line and in every location you have only a 10G network.

Backup hardware: I have one old QNAP and one small Synology 920+. The QNAP was our old NFS now out of order. I refurbished it, upgraded and it is with new SDDs – however it is an older device so it will be used only for additional backup. Primary backup is made with the small Synology.

On the end I will have a disaster proven 3-tier backup solution with the possibility for a cluster-backup with automatic data recovery in 3 locations.

Let’s start with the tool Hyper Data Protector from QNAP in part two


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