desnat 25 years ago today

25 years ago today

25 years ago today I had my first jump. It was in the Polish military I was on a 3 months training in the “16 Batalion Powietrzno Desantowy” in Krakow. I will never forget that feeling, I was the first IT-Nerd that made it to this team. Let’s say that I forgot the computers and projects instantly. Those have been the second best months in my whole military career.

My service began before that, in a time when Poland was not in NATO and had faced internal political changes. In the Time when I was “at service” Poland joined NATO and almost from the beginning it invested in Cyber-Infrastructure. We had the best PCs in the Offices but unfortunately no connection to the “outside world”. Only internal Networks worked. It was a few of us and in our free time we enjoyed epic StarCraft battles over LAN. 

And then on 16.07.1998 everything changed for me with one short step – I was outside … a plane. 

25 years ago today it was the official beginning of my IT career

Almost everything reminds me of this time- even after 25 years as a father with a family I still remember the past. I was in the Military school / Academy and in the regular army. But the 3 months in “16BPD” have been very, very intense. Funny fact – I hated it then – but I love it now.


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